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SUNFLOWER Velvet Queen

15 seeds of this sunflower called Velvet Queen. Growing 4 to 5 feet tall, this dark maroon sunflower has blossoms 5 to 6 inches across. These head stay in full bloom for up to a week each and are a wonderful addition to your fall garden colors.
SUNFLOWER Velvet Queen

7 Available Now

Seeds from this minature Sunflower called Teddy Bear. Only growing 18 inches tall, this golden yellow, double sunflower does not have any petals, only 5 to 6 inch fluffy, fuzzy blooms.

Swansdown Poppy

Seeds of this unusual member of the Nasturtium family. This tender annual vine grows up to 8 feet and is covered with these lemon yellow blossoms that are said to look like miniature canary wings. Very easy to grow and an old standard for cottage gardens.
Swansdown Poppy

5 Available Now

Seeds from Papaver somniferum or Swansdown White annual Poppy. This feathery variety with large flowers up to five inches across, Swansdown White has fantastic blooms which are tightly packed with heavily feathered petals. A downy white hue, they are absolutely stunning when planted together in large groups. Swansdown White grows up to three feet in height and provide large flowers.

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