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Tapioca Tree

Tapioca Tree, Cassava or Manihot dulcis is a shrub or little tree from Mexico. The most beautiful and interesting shaped leaves. Perfect for patios, either in beds or in a large pot. Growing the real asset is ornamental foliage. -Feel free to browse my flower photo gallery online.
Tapioca Tree

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Seeds from Tapioca Tree, Cassava or Manihot dulcis. Cassava is native to South America but is cultivated in tropical and subtropical zones throughout the world. It is one of the most important tropical food crops in the world. The dark green leaves are a foot or more across and have 5-9 lobes. The leaf stems are very long, up to 24 in long and they are red as are the stems. Plants can grow more than 20 ft tall in frostfree regions, but where they die back and regrow in spring they rarely get more than 10 ft. Zones 8-11.

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