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Lilium nepalense

seeds of Lilium nepalense or Lily of Nepal. This hard to find lily grows in part shade in zones 7-9 Ideally grown in rich, moist, but well drained soil. The peak season of its bloom is June to July. The height of the plant is 3-6 ft. and has 1-7 flowers per plant. This bulbous, herbaceous perennial herb of the growth habit where the stem travels underground before emerging.seeds of Lilium monadelphum. This clump-forming species has stiff upright stems with lance-shaped leaves. It blooms in summer, producing racemes with up to 30 large, fragrant, broadly trumpet-shaped yellow flowers. The flowers are flecked and spotted with maroon inside throats. A lime-tolerant species that grows well in fairly heavy soils. Plants are drought tolerant and grow best under sunny conditions. Zones 5-8.
Lilium nepalense
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