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Passiflora White Wedding

7 fresh seeds for this very hard to find Passiflora vespertilio. This is a very dainty and fragile looking Passiflora with its long featherly filaments surrounding the pure white dainty petals. This is hardy in zones 9 and above and in good growing conditions will grow up to 6 feet. The fragrance is very delicate and lightly fruity. Feel free to visit my flower garden gallery.
Passiflora White Wedding

10 Available Now

Seeds from passion vine Passiflora White Wedding , in a pure white color with a white center. This vine produced hundreds of these blossoms during this past summer and give off a strongly perfumed scent that fills the yard when in full bloom. The vine grew to about 15 feet and was pretty much pest free. This vines is foliage hardy in zones 9 and higher, although it will come back from the roots when the weather warms up if damaged by hard frosts. It also can be brought inside during cold weather or seeds saved for the next season. I do not use any chemicals on my plants and therefor at certain times of the year you are able to find nibbles here and there on the most of the host plants for butterflies.

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