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Aristolochia Macroura

Macroura This beautiful tropical tender perennial vine called Aristolochia macroura. This exotic vine in the Dutchman's pipe vine family is hardy in zones 8a-10b and blossoms best in light shade and will stay evergreen all year in the above zones. A real attraction with its long tail, sometimes reaching 30 inches.. The very unusual green-gold mottled fragrant blossom is an attention getter and will form every 12 along the stem. The plants will grown up to 20 feet if let climb on a structure.
Aristolochia Macroura

Aristolochia Fimbriata

This is one of the very unusual varieties of the family of Dutchmans pipe vines. This vine grows only about 14-18in. and is best suited for handing baskets. Hardy to zones 7a-9b. A shade lover, it performs well in light to full shade.
Aristolochia Fimbriata

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