Gift Certificate FAQ


How do I buy a gift certificate for someone?


1. Sign up for a GeorgiaVines account HERE
2. Buy a gift certificate HERE
3. I will confirm your Gift Certificate for use
4. Click the link in your confirmation email to automatically redeem your Gift Certificate.

Now anytime you are signed into your account you will have GeorgiaVines Store Credit
and you can send any amount you like to any email address that you choose. HERE

If you don't want to bother with all of this you can just buy the gift certificates, then send an email to with instructions about

a. The email of the person you would like to send the gift to.
b. How much to send them.
c. Any notes you would like attached.

and I will send out your gift certificates manually.

Purchasing Gift Certificates
How to send Gift Certificates
Buying with Gift Certificates
Redeeming Gift Certificates
When problems occur

Please choose from one of the questions above.

Please enter your Gift Certificate redemption code:
Fast Shipping
USPS-Priority for Plants and USPS-First Class for Seeds
International Shipping through USPS First Class Package Intl

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