Azalea Rhododendron George Taber Pint Plant


Pint Plant from Azalea George Taber. A Evergreen plant producing lovely flowers amid oval, lustrous green leaves. Well-suited for southern locations. Great for accents, hedge, and mass plantings. Azalea prefers acidic soil and partial shade conditions. If pruning needed do so right after the flowers are spent. Moderate-growing evergreen shrub with an upright to semi-spreading growth habit to 6-8’ tall x 5-8’ wide. Can also be grown as a small patio tree. This highly-floriferous, long-blooming, heat and humidity tolerant Southern indica variety features lush, deep-green foliage accented with showy, single, light-orchid-pink flowers exhibiting a soft white variegation and attractive deep-pink throat speckling. These eye-catching flowers appear in abundance in early to mid-spring. Performs best in filtered sunlight, but can tolerate full sun in coastal areas or mild-to-moderate summer climates. Thrives with regular watering in a rich, acidic, fast-draining soil. Deer resistant. Zones 7 to 10.

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