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Allamanda blanchetii Violet Allamanda 10 seeds


Seeds from this Allamanda blanchetii This evergreen tropical vine blooms during summer and fall. Its glossy point burgundy buds open into flowers with 5 overlapped petals of an unusual tint of pink. Their narrow, funnel-shaped basements are a bit darker. In cold weather the petals change color for more saturate. The flowers are followed by thorny seed capsules. Long, bright green, leaves with slightly wavy edges are gathered in whisks on weak creeping stalks. During a season allamanda grows up for 2 to 9 ft, highest possible height is 9-18 ft. Using regular prune you can have a shrub or a twister. The plant has neither thorns nor tendrils it demands support to keep its shape. It twists around in a certain specific direction. Do not try to change the direction it may cause damage to the vine As flowers are usually generated on young sprouts, late or too short prune may result in poor blossoming. The best time for pruning is November. Allamanda grows well in full sun or in light shade and prefers soil with good drainage. It does not tolerate either drought or flooding. From November till February the plant should have a time for repose the optimal temperature is about 65F and watering must be less then usual but the soil still should be always gently moist. Zones 9 to 11

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