Butea monosperma Sacred tree 5 seeds


Seeds from Butea monosperma Flame of the Forest Bastard Teak, Parrot Tree Eng. Chichra tesu, desuka jhad, dhaak, palaash, chalcha, kankrei Hindi, PaLash Marathi Is a species of Butea native to tropical and sub-tropical parts of the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia,a medium sized dry season deciduous tree, growing to 15 m or 49 ft tall. It is a slow growing tree, young trees have a growth rate of a few feet per year.It is used for timber, resin, fodder, medicine, and dye. The wood is dirty white and soft and, being durable under water, is used for well-curbs and water scoops. Good charcoal can be obtained from it. Zones 10 and above

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