Fremontodendron californicum | California flannelbush 8 seeds


Seeds of Fremontodendron californicum, with the common names California flannelbush, California fremontia, and flannel bush, is a flowering shrub native to diverse habitats in southwestern North America. The plant is a flowering evergreen hardwood shrub or small multi-trunked tree, growing from 8–18 feet in height and 6–10 feet in width. Leaves are olive to gray−green, fuzzy and flannel-like, palmately to pinnately lobed. Blossoms are lemon-yellow flowers with a reddish tinge The hairs covering the leaves are easily brushed off in human contact, and can be a skin and eye irritant. Cultivated plants need good drainage, and no supplemental summer water when established. Hardy in zones 8a-9b.

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