Elaeagnus glabra 10 seeds


Seeds from Elaeagnus glabra. A very Fragrant flowers is often described as a shrub, but it's not a typical shrub; it's best described as a climbing shrub or a sarmentose shrub producing long, flexuose runners or stolons. The long, extending branches act in a vine-like fashion, scrambling up nearby trees and hooking onto tree limbs. The silvery leaves are attractive as well. It ranges from Asia - China, Japan. Best sown as soon as it is ripe in a cold frame. It should germinate freely within 4 weeks, though it may take 18 months. Stored seed can be very slow to germinate, often taking more than 18 months. A warm stratification for 4 weeks followed by 12 weeks cold stratification can help Zones 8 - 11.

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