Lilium pyrenaicum ssp. carniolicum var. bosniacum 10 seeds


Seeds from Lilium pyrenaicum ssp. carniolicum var. bosniacum. bosniacum is a lily native to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's also known as Zlatni Ljiljan Bosnian for Golden Lily and Bosanski Ljiljan Bosnian Lily. L. bosniacum has often been lumped and split and lumped again. Some results of molecular studies support it as an infraspecific taxon of Lilium carniolicum. Lilium bosniacum, together with Lilium albanicum and Lilium jankae have always been treated as varieties of Lilium carneolicum. However, extensive DNA-analyses have shown that this group is polyphyletic. Therefore, on The Genus Lilium they are treated as separate species.

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