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Passiflora Mollissima

Small starter plant - Mollissima is one of the most colorful of all passion vines. This is a very large striking pink blossom that appears to have a maroon ring with white specks emerging from the center. Also known as the banana passion vine. Hardy in zones 9 and above, this vine has clusters of 3 inch soft pink flowers that bloom from April thru August, it does slow down when the temperatures get in the high 90's. The fragrance is very delicate. THIS PLANT WILL NOT LIVE IN HIGH HEAT AND HUMIDITY. PLEASE DON'T ORDER IF YOU HAVE THESE CONDITIONS.
Passiflora Mollissima

Passiflora Vespertilio

Starter plant 5-12 inches for this very hard to find Passiflora vespertilio. This is a very dainty and fragile looking passiflora with its long feathery filaments surrounding the pure white dainty petals. This is hardy in zones 9 and above and in good growing conditions will grow up to 6 feet. The fragrance is very delicate and lightly fruity.

Passiflora Subpeltata

Subpeltata Passiflora Subpeltata is this small white variety that is perfect for hanging baskets. The 1 inch white blossoms are complimented by the unusual light green tri-lobed leaves. Only growing about 3 feet, it is hardy in zones 9-11.

Passiflora Citrina

Citrina Brilliant yellow passion flower. About 1 inch across, this dainty vine produces masses of these blossoms throughout the summer. Hardy in zones 9-11, this vine only grows about 5 feet high
Passiflora Citrina

Passiflora foetida Urbaniana

Urbania One of the most exotic of all passion vines rbania one of the varieties of Foedita . This is a very dainty and fragile looking passifloras with its feathery bracts surrounding the bud and bright pink blossoms. The is hardy in zones 9 and above, but here in zone 8B. I have had mine come back for the past three years.
Passiflora foetida Urbaniana

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