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Normanbya normanbyi Black Palm

Black Palm Normanbya normanbyi from Cape Tribulation, Queensland. This fast growing palm is named for its dark black wood originally used to make spears by the aborigines. This palm is suitable for subtropical and tropical areas and is hardy in zones 9-11. As a young plant, its leaves are particularly attractive with its silvery undersides. This palm does have very high water and temperature needs and must be kept moist. Although these fresh seeds and germinate quickly, they have a low germination rate, so please be aware of this. Visit my gallery for more pictures
Normanbya normanbyi Black Palm

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Here I am offering a Starter plant Psidium Catleanium, Cattley guava is an evergreen shrub or small tree to 25 feet tall, with gray to reddish brown peeling bark. Much more attractive in foliage and fruit than the common guava, the cattley guava, is also known as the strawberry or purple guava,Chinese guava or Calcutta guava Fruit is a globose berry, 1 and a half to 2 and a half inches long, purple red, with whitish flesh usually sweet tasting when ripe with numerous seeds.

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