Duranta erecta Cuban Gold Starter Plant


Starter plant from Duranta erecta Cuban Gold or Golden dewdrop is a vigorous large broadleaf evergreen shrub native to tropical America. The cultivar Cuban Gold has drooping clusters of tubular, lavender blue flowers that appear when growing conditions are favorable and attract butterflies. Dangling chains of orange yellow fruits succeed the flowers. The toothed leaves are chartreuse and glossy. Branches have thorns. The overall shape is weeping when mature. Gold Mound is not a dwarf plant, but has a short habit while young and will grow to full size a few years after planting.This shrub does best in well drained average soil and full to partial sun. In frost free zones it can be grown as a landscape specimen and in temperate zones with cold winters it is commonly grown as a seasonal bedding plant. Plant golden dewdrop singly as a specimen plant or massed as a screen. Duranta also works well as a large houseplant, tub specimen or pruned into a small standard tree. Zones 8 to 11.

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